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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Dinner

It's Sunday dinner time again!

Italian house, Sunday dinner = football and family for dinner, what to cook, what to cook? 

I love my local butcher, Bonk's market, he may not be Italian, but he's a great Irish butcher and has been around for years.  When I go into the butcher I find endless possibilities for dinner any night. Today is different, Mass at 11am and everyone is home for the day, parents will be here at 4ish for dinner and it's a day of relaxing, eating and family.

Today I think my menu will include baked ziti, nice salad with homemade dressing (my family prefers) with some fresh scali bread and meatballs, pork and bracciole left from last weeks' Sunday dinner that I froze for future use. 
This will be one of the many menu items that will be offered on my "take home" dinner menu.  Comfort food and what kids don't love macaroni??
Unfortunately we are going to have delay our start of business until the 19th of January.  We want to make sure we are prepared and have taken all the steps to make sure customers are happy and well fed!

After many votes and much consideration, we are deliberating still on the name for our business since we may eventually turn it into a restaurant... Please feel free to still weigh in since we are also considering Mio Cucina = My Kitchen. 

Have a great Sunday and Buona Mangia!

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