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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Monday....

Yesterday's dinner was a hit.  My family all advised that it has to be offered on the "upcoming menu"  And they are my worst critics, other than myself.

Dessert was different for us, but excellent.  Cranberry Almond Torte... I picked so many fresh cranberries with my friend Nikki this past season that I want to use them.  The Torte was excellent, buttery, almond crust, with cream cheese filling and topped with fresh cranberry topping.  The perfect balance of sweet and tart.  Even my daughter liked it and she's not usually fond of nuts. 

White chocolate cranberry biscotti is on the "to do" list today.  I would love for my friends to try some, so if you drive close to my house on your way home... please stop and pick a few up to tell me what you think.  I will also post some pics today. 

Tonight's dinner will be something exciting I am sure!  Stay posted for great information about what's on its way. 

Benvenuto a Mio Cucina!

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