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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year - a time for new ventures, great expectations and to eat!

Beginning this blog is new for me.. I am not a blogger, I am many other things, but my comfort and security lies in the kitchen - anyone's kitchen.  I visit friends and family and before I even firm up plans am tossing around what can I cook?  Their next question that is asked of me is "what are you making?"

Like many others that are given that second chance in life to make a new start, I want to do something I enjoy for work.

I asked myself, what's my favorite thing to do, something that I do effortlessly and I truly enjoy?  COOKING!

I decided to try a new venture, one that will teach others how to cook, without having a "chef's kitchen" in your own.  Whether its teaching kids how to cook simple meals to help them learn and grow or teaching young people to make great dinners at home (the local pizza shop may miss you) or just helping those that want to make it easier and taste better.

I started this blog to look for feedback and interest and support from my friends and family.  Let me know what you think!


  1. Richelle,
    You are a great cook. Whatever you make will be delicious. Your new venture sounds wonderful. Like my sometimes wise husband says "No risk,,,no gain". Sometimes you just have to go out on that limb and trust in God. I know you have a strong faith so believe in yourself and in Him and make all your dreams come true. Happy New Year. Love you. s

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